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Bringing safety to your business and homes. Scandic Coating Sweden is a company that specializes in anti-slip solutions. Our purpose is to reduce the number of Slip & Falls accidents caused by slippery floors and other surfaces.. The extent of Slip and Fall accidents are enormous and not just because of snow and ice. In Sweden alone, the cost is about 6 billion as a result of these accidents, and half may be related to slippery floors and slip accidents at the workplace causing downtime. Our aim is to tackle all kinds of existing slip hazards, in an early stage, before the accident occurred. Unfortunately, many customers contact us AFTER the accident has already happened. To reduce accidents, we must work preventively if we want to create a safer everyday life for both the young and the elderly. Contact us and provide us with the problem and we will come with a recommendation and price quote.

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GRP FYBATEX panels are manufactured by combining hundreds of thousands of glass strands with pigmented thermo set UV resins, to produce an immensely strong and durable panel whilst maintaining an attractive appearance, and can be produced to incorporate the following features: Any B.S or Ral Color- U.V. Resistant-Impact Resistant-Low Maintenance-C.L.A.S.P. Approved-Graffiti Resistant.


Specialist Sheet Products The diversity applications for GRP flat plate is almost infinite. Depending on the requirements, whether it will be thickness, strength, fire resistance, chemical resistance etc. We have the technology and experience to manufacture composite flat plate to individual customer requirements. 2 D shapes and angles can be manufactured to suit individual requirements. Applications include roof trims, cable trays, access ducting & troughs. Product can be literally any colour, thickness and resin type.Small scale production runs catered for


Accidental FIRE spreads, destroys, kills. It can consume all that lies within its reach converting natural and synthetic materials into poisonous FUMES and blinding SMOKE - often producing deadlier effects than its flames. We are surrounded in our every day lives by potentially combustible materials - safe and essential in their own respect until transformed by accidental fire into fatal sources of HEAT, SMOKE and TOXIC FUMES. However, some of these dangers can be minimised. A new product - designed and manufactured using novel techniques and processes - can limit the risk of fire and related damage.


Edge fix: This product is special designed for heavy used floorings / stairs. The edge sealer takes care of a longer lifetime of the tape, and it will protect the sides of the tape against dirt. (black edges) (140 ml. in 1 tube, you can treat 35 m1 of tape) Primer: Our primer is perfect to treat porous undergrounds like wood, concrete and very porous stones. By using the primer the tape will glue very good on this kind of undergrounds. With 1 liter you can attach: +/- 100 m1 of 5 cm. wide tape. +/- 200 m1 of 2,5 cm. wide tape




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  • Landsforsakringar-Skane
  • Nordenskioldsgatan 6-8
  • 211 19 Malmoe
  • Sweden


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