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resistance etc. We have the technology and experience to manufacture composite flat plate to individual customer requirements. Stair Tread Covers are available in any length up to 3000mm plus width up to 900mm. Thickness from 3mm upwards. Standard colors are black, grey, yellow but can be produced to any B.S. or RAL colors. Angle Nosing suitable for use as edge nosing or non-slip cover angles. Manufactured to required specification. Solid GRiP chequer plate available in any thickness from 4mm upwards. Can be produced in any color and in a range of fire ratings. Grip Tactiles Produced as either single tiles or "blocks" of 3,6, or 9 tiles. Any thickness and BS or RAL colour. Available in either on street or off street patterns. Tiles can be glued and mechanically fixed to existing substrates, thus avoiding expensive excavation costs. GRP Anti-slip ladder rung covers provide excellent traction to existing slippery or worn ladder rungs due to the robust alumina oxide grit incorporated.

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Any thickness, color, and manufactured to any size. Choice of fire rating and grit size. Virtually indestructible. Applications: Footbridges-Ramps-Walkways-Work platforms-Uneven concrete surfaces

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Stair Tread Covers are available in any length up to 3000mm plus width up to 900mm. Thickness from 3mm upwards. Standard colors are black, grey, yellow but can be produced to any B.S. or RAL colors.

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GRP NON-SLIP CHECKER PLATE In applications where a more aesthetic product is required, GRP chequer plate is an excellent option to the gritted sheet. GRP Chequer plate comes with either a distinctive ‘tear drop’ or five bar pattern, and can be produced with additional re-enforcements to ensure an incredibly strong and robust panel. Alternative resin systems such as Atlac’s or vinyl esters can be utilized giving a product with a high degree of chemical resistance, which can be installed in the harshest of environment.

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Bringing safety to your business and homes. Scandic Coating Sweden is a company that specializes in anti-slip solutions. Our purpose is to reduce the number of Slip & Falls accidents caused by slippery floors and other surfaces.. The extent of Slip and Fall accidents are enormous and not just because of snow and ice. In Sweden alone, the cost is about 6 billion as a result of these accidents, and half may be related to slippery floors and slip accidents at the workplace causing downtime. Our aim is to tackle all kinds of existing slip hazards, in an early stage, before the accident occurred. Unfortunately, many customers contact us AFTER the accident has already happened. To reduce accidents, we must work preventively if we want to create a safer everyday life for both the young and the elderly. Contact us and provide us with the problem and we will come with a recommendation and price quote.


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